Broken iPhone Screen Safety Tips

Broken iPhone Screen Safety Tips and What Should You To Do

You, unfortunately, just broke your iPhone’s screen by dropping it. It sometimes needs to clarify what to do when your iPhone screen cracks, how to fix it, or if you should fix it.

Best 8 Broken iPhone Screen Safety Tips

This post will discuss the various solutions available for fixing a damaged iPhone screen.

1. First of All, Stay Safe

When an iPhone screen cracks or shatters, there are usually a lot of sharp glass shards poking out. The last thing you want to have to happen after you’ve dropped your iPhone is to cut your hand on broken glass and have to go to the emergency room.

If the screen of your iPhone is completely broken, cover it with a piece of clear packing tape. You can skip this step if the screen is only slightly cracked while deciding whether to replace or keep the existing one.

2. Assess The Damage: How Broken Is It?

The next thing you should consider is how damaged the screen is. Is there just a tiny hairline crack? Do you notice any damages? Is the screen totally broken?

It might be worthwhile to visit the Apple Store if the damage is minor to see if an exception can be made, but those situations are extremely uncommon.

Even if you have AppleCare+, there is still a service charge for physical damage to iPhones, which Apple does not cover. Impact points are frequently clear-cut and easy to identify by an Apple Genius. You won’t be able to talk your way out of a situation if your iPhone screen is cracked.

3. Back-Up Your iPhone, If You Can

After the display on your iPhone cracks, you should make a backup of it. Whatever caused the screen to break may also have harmed some of your iPhone’s internal parts. Your iPhone may suddenly stop working and won’t start up again until it has been fixed.

By creating a backup today, you can prevent losing any crucial information on your iPhone, like your contacts and images. In our other article, learn how to back up your iPhone to iCloud, Finder, or iTunes. Even if the screen on your iPhone is too broken to view, your computer should still be able to identify it.

4. Find The Best Repair Option For You

When your iPhone breaks, you have many different phone repair options to choose from, which can be confusing. There are six primary repair methods available to you, and we’ll go over each of them briefly below.


On average, repairing a cracked screen will cost you $29 without AppleCare+. Without AppleCare+, however, the price could be as high as $329. That’s assuming the display isn’t cracked.

The cost to repair your iPhone will increase if it has suffered any additional damage, such as a dent or a bend in its frame. Expect to pay $99 if you have AppleCare+. Prices may increase significantly if you don’t have AppleCare+.

Apple also offers a mail-in repair service, though it may take a week or more for the device to be returned.

Apple could be the best and cheapest choice if you have AppleCare+. If you don’t have AppleCare+ or need emergency service, you have a few options for fixing your iPhone screen.

5. Local iPhone Repair in Clinton

Your neighborhood iPhone repair shop is another alternative that you should consider because it is usually nearby. With the increasing demand for Apple devices, a growing number of phone repair shops in Clinton Township have emerged.

In general, I don’t advise folks to choose this route. You have yet to learn who is repairing your iPhone, what kind of experience they have, or where the replacement screen came from.

Moreover, if an Apple Genius discovers that your iPhone’s screen has been replaced with a 3rd-party part, Apple may refuse to perform any further repairs on your iPhone in the future. You’d either have to shell out for a brand-new iPhone or learn to live with the malfunctioning one.

6. Mail-In Repair Services

Repair services that can be mailed in, like My Phone Repair, are also becoming more and more common for fixing damaged iPhone displays. People who reside distant from urban centers and are trying to save money can take advantage of mail-in repair services.

One major drawback of mail-in repair services is the length of time it can take for you to receive your item back—sometimes as much as a week. Put it this way: when was the last time you went a week without touching your iPhone?

7. Fix It Yourself

It could be tempting to fix your damaged iPhone yourself if a friend who’s good with technology offers to help out, or if you think you can get by with a replacement screen.

Fixing an iPhone requires careful handling. Your iPhone contains dozens of tiny parts, making it easy to misplace or forget one. Even a minor rip in a cable might render your iPhone useless until you either locate a replacement display or shell out for an entirely new device.

In addition, you need a specialist toolbox in order to even get inside your iPhone.You shouldn’t count on Apple to save you if your do-it-yourself iPhone screen replacement fails. Apple very probably won’t fix your iPhone if they learn that you opened up your phone and attempted to replace a cracked screen.

Apple Stores are stocked with spare components since even Apple Geeks make mistakes when fixing damaged iPhone screens. You definitely underestimate how many issues there are in the genius room.

There is still one more issue to think about: high-quality replacement screens are expensive and difficult to find. Professional repair businesses like Puls rigorously test iPhone screens and provide lifetime warranties on their work.

It’s probably not worth the risk to attempt to fix your cracked iPhone screen on your own, given the risks involved, the expense of buying a specific toolkit, and the price of a replacement screen.

8. Don’t Fix It

You always have the choice to do nothing if your iPhone screen is cracked. Unless you’re completely fine with the worst-case scenario, which is a bricked iPhone, try to fix it yourself.

You might as well fix your iPhone right away if:

  • You want to give someone else the iPhone.
  • You intend to trade it in.
  • You intend to sell it again.
  • In the future, you want to upgrade to a newer iPhone.

Best of Luck

This guide should have helped you decide which method to fix your iPhone’s cracked screen is the most cost-effective. Broken iPhone screens are a pain, so I hope you have good luck finding a repair service. Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience repairing a damaged iPhone screen.

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