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Rumors About Smartphone Repair That You Should Ignore

We live in a world where ‘word of mouth’ is considered a vital element of trust. People are more likely to buy products or opt for services, such as smartphone repair, when one of their close friends/family members recommends them.

In today’s world, many people troubleshoot and repair their mobile devices by searching the internet for answers.

Unfortunately, in addition to effective solutions, newcomers give many inaccurate suggestions that tend to lead people in the wrong direction.

The widespread use of mobile phones has given rise to several urban and urban legends. However, because rumors rarely turn out to be true, it is in your best interest to read this and educate yourself about the veracity of these claims.

Smartphone Repairs Are Expensive

Most people assume that if they need to have their cell phones repair, it would cost a fortune. Absolutely NOT! Certainly, some shady characters are working in the repair industry.

However, for every one of them, there are several reliable Abduls. Only some people intend to cheat their clients.

While you might have had a negative encounter here or there, the reality is that there are plenty of reputable repair shops and professionals out there who offer fair rates and excellent service.

You may be paying for more than just the labor to fix your phone if the necessary parts are not readily available in your area and must be ordered specifically for your device.

Dismiss the notion that the cost of cell phone repair is prohibitive immediately. My Phone Repair also offers a book on smartphone repair that you can use to learn the ropes.

Third-Party Repair & Warranty Void

Suppose your cellular phone breaks down while you’re still under warranty. In that case, you might worry that entrusting it to a repair shop that isn’t the manufacturer’s official repair facility would nullify your warranty.

However, the guarantee is null & void if your phone has been submerged in liquid or if the screen has been cracked or otherwise damaged.

In addition, you will not void the warranty if you address a software or configuration issue that prevents the phone from functioning properly without disassembling it.

Absorbents On Wet Phones

A typical method we’ve seen for drying out phones submerged in water is to place them in a container of rice, oats, chia seeds, alcohol, or silica. Although these can eventually absorb water, that process is rather slow. It’s also debatable how well they work.

If your phone or tablet becomes wet, you can rescue it by putting it in a rice bowl.
Unfortunately, the water has already reached the sensitive components within the phone by the time they begin working. Smaller particles, such as chia seeds or rice, can become lodged in the phone’s speaker or other crevices, causing various long-term problems.

Professionals use isopropyl alcohol (with 70-75 percent alcohol) to fix water-damaged phones, and this has inspired a new trend: using alcohol to dry moist phones.

However, the protective coating on your phone can be damaged if you simply submerge the entire device in alcohol, even isopropyl alcohol. To this end, delegating the work to a professional is prudent.

Smartphones Are Never Same After Repair

These are unconfirmed rumors at best. A rumor is the only appropriate term for this. If you’ve dropped your phone and cracked the screen, don’t worry too much; it may be fixable.

Since the phone’s display could have been damaged from being dropped, this is important to know. The motherboard is highly unlikely to have been damaged. You may restore your phone to factory condition by swapping out the screen.

You may have trouble locating replacement parts for your phone if it’s an older model or a low seller in your nation, but with a little online legwork, you’ll find what you need to get it working again.

Your Data Is In Danger

The vast majority of phone fixes don’t necessitate a data wipe. Displays that have been cracked or chipped off, batteries that have died, and buttons that have stopped working due to being submerged in water are just some of the most prevalent forms of phone damage.

These kinds of hardware failures usually don’t have any effect on your data. This way, you can get your phone fixed without worrying about the information.

Don’t risk misunderstanding when dropping off your equipment for repair if you have any doubts about this and haven’t already checked with your technician. Yet, your information could be at risk if your phone develops a software-related problem.

There could be more rumors, but the ones mentioned above are the most prevalent. My Phone Repair ensures that all the repairs are done with optimum accuracy and precision.

If you are interested in getting your smartphone repaired, contact us today and get one of the most cost-effective solutions in the marketplace.