Fix iPhone Camera Showing Black Screen And Flashlight Not Working Issues

How to Fix iPhone Camera Showing Black Screen And Flashlight Not Working Issues

You were just about to click a great photo, but your iPhone camera suddenly stopped working. Don’t worry, and we are here for your help. If your iPhone camera shows a black screen and the flashlight is not working, try restarting your iPhone, updating the iOS software, force closing the Camera app and other apps, checking for restrictions, clearing the camera app cache, resetting all settings, and if the problem persists, consider contacting Apple Support or visiting an authorized phone repair shop to address any potential hardware issues. 

Tips to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen And Flashlight Not Working Issues

Here are some great solutions for your iPhone camera black screen and Flashlight not working. Follow these easy steps to avoid going to a phone repair shop and to solve your phone problems yourself at home. 

How To Fix The Camera

To fix the camera, take the following steps:

The very first step is to remove any back case or cover on your phone and then try taking pictures. It is because back covers can obstruct the complete picture view making it look like your camera has some problem. Then take a photo from your phone and check if the camera is working properly. 

Moreover, you should also change to both the back and front camera modes and take photos separately. This will help you know which camera is having a problem so that you don’t have to replace both cameras if only one is damaged. 

If you get blurred photo results, you should clean your camera lenses with a cloth. Make sure to do this on both the front and back cameras and use a microfiber cloth only. Also, you should contact apple phone repair if you can see any visible dirt accumulation inside the lens. Do not try cleaning it yourself, as you might damage it even more. 

The final step is to restart your iPhone and check the camera to see if it is working properly. If all these solutions fail, visit a repair center and ask them for a camera replacement.

Fix The iPhone Flashlight

When the Flashlight of your iPhone stops working suddenly, make sure to take the following actions to fix it:

Close The Camera App 

LED light is the main source that powers the camera and the Flashlight of your phone. This means that you cannot use the camera and Flashlight simultaneously. It is because only one LED light source is present, which can power one thing at a time. So make sure you close your camera app first and then open your Flashlight so that it gets the proper LED supply for working. This might solve your problem of the Flashlight not working on your iPhone.

Charge Your iPhone First

Another common problem that prevents the Flashlight from turning on properly is the low battery levels of your iPhone. Always remember that a flashlight cannot work properly if your phone is not charged sufficiently or is empty. It is because low battery levels reduce the power supply to the Flashlight, which makes it difficult to turn it on. For this, make sure your iPhone charger is proper before you try turning on the Flashlight. Moreover, another thing to ensure is that the low-power mode is disabled before you turn on the Flashlight. It is because with this mode enabled, turning the Flashlight on is not possible. To disable this mode go to the settings of your iPhone and choose the low power mode option and turn it to the left. If you have trouble changing the settings, visit an electronics repair shop. 

Remove iPhone Cover 

Sometimes your iPhone cover is the main thing blocking the light from your Flashlight. As a result, you think that your Flashlight has stopped working. For this, check your phone cover and ensure that it is not covering the flashlight part of your phone. If it covers the Flashlight, take it off first and then turn it off. If you see the light coming out properly, your phone has no problem. You need to change your phone cover. Whenever buying a never for your phone, make sure that it fits your phone properly and has cavities according to the back structure of your phone. Another thing to remember is that the flashlight glass of your phone is properly cleaned and not covered with dust making it difficult for the light to pass through. Visit an electronics repair store for cleaning services.


You can perform these steps at home so that you don’t have to visit a cell phone repair shop in Clinton. Follow them properly so you can quickly get rid of your camera and flashlight problems. You can also call My Phone Repair for technical help. We have great experience in dealing with all kinds of phones. We will ensure that your phone problems are solved in time. Moreover, our services are highly reliable and durable.