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How To Fix iPhone 11 Screen Not Responding to Touch Without Help from Cell Phone Repair In Clinton

You just bought your new iPhone 11, but suddenly its screen stopped responding? Don’t worry; we are here to help you escape this situation. This article is about the best solutions you can use if your iPhone 11 phone screen has stopped responding to touch. Try these methods, and finally, you can enjoy smooth screen functioning again. For professional help, you can also ask My Phone Repair for Cell Phone Repair in Clinton. We have years of experience in solving phone and computer-related issues. Our team of experts is always available for help if you need help with your phone’s performance, speed, and working. 

Fix iPhone 11 Screen Not Responding To Touch Without Help from Cell Phone Repair in Clinton 

These are some of the best methods to help when your iPhone 11 screen has stopped responding to touch. You can do these steps at home without having any prior technical knowledge or experience or visiting any Cell Phone Repair in Clinton

iPhone 11 Hard Reset

The main function of heart reset for your device is to clear all the small software glitches interrupting your phone’s performance. The first thing is to click on the volume up button of your phone for some time. Now click on the volume down button and hold it for some time. The final thing is to click on the side button. Keep pressing this button until you see the Apple logo on your screen. Or contact phone repair for help. 

Clear the Used Apps History 

Clearing the used app history is a very small trick to play the little errors and improve the speed of your phone. You can do this in just steps. The first thing is to write up from the end from the center to get access to the app’s switcher. Now unwanted apps by swiping them upwards.

Uninstall the Non-Working Apps

Return apps that need to be properly coded can create trouble operating your phone. For example, if you click any app and it closes instantly, which means you cannot open it, the only solution is to delete it from your phone. Deleting an app from your iPhone is simple because you have to click on the app and then press the delete option. This problem is temporary, and reinstalling this app can solve the problem. You must go to the app store and search for your desired app. If you are still in trouble with using this application, the only solution is to get rid of it and find a better alternative. Or visit a Phone Repair in Clinton Township for help.

DFU iPhone Restore

The best solution to resolve any problem is to clear the cause responsible for it. This is why it is essential to erase the code causing any error in your phone completely. If you want to make it work properly, work again. Now you can immediately go as the DFU store is there to take over this will be. The basic mechanism behind this process is to rewrite the code of your iPhone so that it’s software without any problem. Or take technical help from Cell Phone Repair professionals.

Upgrading the entire software of your iPhone is a much easier and more effective task than resolving the small and numerous technical faults present in your system. If you are very concerned about the data in your phone, the only solution is to back up your iPhone device before you go for a DFU restore. The problem is that whenever you restore the device, all the data in your device erase, and to prevent this data loss, you can back up your phone before performing this restore.

iPhone Repair

We all are concerned about availing of the best quality repair services for our iPhones. Apple Phone Repair facility is available online, and also you can visit their Apple stores to get your phone repaired for whatever problem you are facing. One good thing about iPhone services is their best quality, but we all know that you will have to compromise on your budget for this thing. If you are looking for money-saving options, then Apple’s warranty feature is the one thing that can help you. Plus you can also go for a display issues checkup to make it last a little longer.


This is how you can fix your iPhone 11 screen that is not responding to touch. These simple steps can be performed at home without visiting Cell Phone Repair in Clinton. If your screen is still not responding, contact My Phone Repair and let us know your concerns. We will listen to your problems carefully and then take appropriate steps to solve those issues. We have been working in the repair industry for years now. So we know how to deal with different products from different brands and models.